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Poem: "In Exposition"

I don't write much poetry lately, but the idea for this came to me yesterday when I was teaching literary elements to my college students. "We live our lives in exposition," I said. "Somebody write that down somewhere and you can quote me when I'm famous."

Sitting here this morning, I was again delighted by the succinctness of the expression. By itself, if invites reflection and expresses what I would consider a universal truth. But as I reflected, this poem started to come to me. I don't know if it is a great poem, but I kind
of like it.

I really am interested in honest feedback to this poem, especially if it helps me make the poem better. Any feedback at all is welcome. Thanks :)

In Exposition
by Ryk Stanton

We live our lives in exposition

Always waiting for the initial incident
To jump-start our narrative
To set off a chain of complications
To develop conflict
To present insurmountable obstacles
To build suspense

Until we reach a climax
Where we either succeed
Or fail

Either way, this ends in a resolution
That ties up many loose ends
But often suggests the possibility of sequels

And thus
We live our lives
In exposition
Waiting for whatever comes next.

Honest feedback appreciated...
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